Travel Tips: Essential Must Haves for Business Travel

When your job requires you to be on the road most of the time, you want to be sure you have what you need to be comfortable, connected, and up to date on what’s important. Wasted time can mean less productivity, bad attitudes and can lead to a less than perfect outcome on the big day.

Here are some items that can help you stay organized, connected, and put the most into whatever task you have at hand.

Portable hotspots are becoming a necessity for travelers of all kinds. Whether you purchase one yourself, or purchase them for your employees, you can be sure that no time will be lost when a connection is needed to finish the big job. The Verizon Jetpack and Samsung Mobile HotSpot Pro received rave reviews from those who use them.

A portable pocket charger for your smartphone will ensure that your phone won’t die when you need it the most. The LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro is said to be the world’s fastest phone charger. The Emtec Power Pouch also rates high on the list of portable chargers.


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Good headphones or ear buds are also essential if you want to listen to seminars, review notes or just block outside noise so you can concentrate or rest.

The Smart Watch is still causing controversy as to whether it is worth it or not. Many say it is so much easier than holding their phone all the time. The watch can hold many apps, and functions as well as your smartphone, but keeps your hands free to handle other tasks.

A gadget organizer is an awesome way to keep everything organized. They can hold your cell phone, camera, cords, flash drives, chargers and whatever else you want close at hand. No more digging through your bag to find the one item that has hidden at the bottom.

If you choose to travel with an iPad or tablet instead of a laptop a portable keyboard can make things easier and take up less room. There are many different styles and brands that are compatible with most tablets.

Don’t forget to download the best travel apps for your journey. GateGuru is awesome for all your airport information. You will be notified of gate changes, cancellations, delays and get the best info on your particular airport such as restaurants and amenities.

TripIt can make the best out of your itinerary and give you easy access to hotel and airline information, confirmation numbers, rental car stats etc.

Dropbox is perfect for keeping all your important documents in one place. Especially handy for those who work on many different electronic gadgets and need to keep all that info in one easy to find place.

Using some of these helpful tips can make your next travel time more productive and less stressful.


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