Points of Interest: Why is “Lindbergh Field” bestowed Upon San Diego’s International Airport

Charles A. Lindbergh came to San Diego in 1927 and commissioned Ryan Airlines to create an aircraft that could achieve the first nonstop flight from New York to Paris.

The professional builders at Ryan Airlines, headed by Frank Mahoney, jumped at the chance to be a part of this endeavor. They … READ MORE

Travel Tips: Travel Tip Favorites from Frequent Business Travelers

Cut your packing in half for starters. Whatever you think you need, take away half of it. You will still probably have more than you need.

Pack darker colored clothing. In the event of a spill or stain, it can be hidden much easier than it can if you are wearing … READ MORE

Points of Interest: San Diego Convention Center

Located in the Marina district of downtown San Diego you will find the beautiful convention center. The original building was completed in 1989, with expansions in 2001 and 2008 which doubled the size of the center.

The center provides 72 meeting/banquet rooms, two ballrooms, and massive exhibit space throughout the building. … READ MORE

Travel Tips: Five Airport Amenities to Perk Up your Travel Experience

Getting stuck in an airport for a delayed flight or long layover can really be annoying and inconvenient. Luckily many airports are coming up with new ways to keep you entertained, relaxed and comfortable during these times. Here are just a few of those extra amenities.

1. Yoga rooms
Many airports … READ MORE

Travel Tips: Best Things to Do In San Diego

San Diego is a city full of culture, beautiful hiking areas, museums and luscious gardens. The list of activities is sure to keep anyone entertained and intrigued.

If you enjoy the outdoors, there are several awesome places to go hiking. Torrey Pines State Reserve is perfect for bird watching. The … READ MORE

Travel Tips: When to Visit San Diego for the Best Experience

There’s nothing worse than planning your vacation to a specific destination, only to find out that it is the rainiest season, or there is a large convention or event of some sort that makes the highways even more crowded than usual. Here are some pointers on the best time to … READ MORE

Travel Tips: Exploring San Diego Which Mode of Transportation is the Best

San Diego has so much to offer whether you are a one-time visitor, frequent vacationer, business traveler or full time resident. But what is the most convenient way to travel to different areas? Here are a few suggestions that may help you decide.

Driving your own vehicle around is probably the … READ MORE