Cut Travel Costs This Holiday Season

The holiday season should be a time of celebrating, friends, family and relaxing. But for many people, just the thought of the travel madness and stress makes holidays a dreadful time of year. Here are some super ways to avoid some of the problems and ease through the holidays stress-free.


The Luggage that will change the way you travel through the Airport

Just when you thought your airport days would forever be boring and stressful…introducing the Modobag. A piece of luggage brought to you by Kevin O’Donnell, an inventor from Chicago, who had the idea that we could all release our stress and navigate through the airport easier if we could just … READ MORE

Ten Best Ways to get that Upgrade to First Class

Face it…everyone would rather fly first class. Paying for the first class ticket? That’s another thing. The price can be astronomical compared to a coach ticket, and for the average business traveler, that’s an expense that just doesn’t fit into the budget.


If you need luxury car service to … READ MORE

The Real Meaning of Hotel Star Ratings

These days everyone looks at reviews for everything. Trip Advisor, Yelp and plenty of others will tell you what you want to know about your travel destination, hotel, or whatever else you need to know. We all rely on how many stars they have to decide on our choice. But … READ MORE

The Most Inviting Hotel Fireplaces Around the Country

You arrive at your hotel on a chilly fall day and see a beautiful stone fireplace with a roaring, crackling fire inside. Your first thought is to cuddle up next to it with a hot chocolate and a good book, or perhaps a snifter of brandy and your iPad. Here … READ MORE

Make Your Next Business Flight More Productive

Everyone knows flying is faster than driving. But what about all the time spent in between point A and point B? Getting to and from the airport, long security lines, and of course the never ending bag carousel can take up a big portion of your travel time.

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How to be Secure Online When Traveling

Businessmen and women of today find themselves traveling more and more every day. The days of just sitting in the office and taking care of things are behind us. Even though there is much more technology, and more business can be done by just getting online, traveling has become an … READ MORE

Travel Tips: Top Accommodations in San Diego

If you enjoy the perks and pampering of a 4 or 5-star hotel, here are some of your best bets when visiting the San Diego area.

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar is a 5-star resort with 249 rooms spread over 3 floors. The beautiful marble lobby welcomes you, and the service … READ MORE

Travel Tips: Travel Tip Favorites from Frequent Business Travelers

Cut your packing in half for starters. Whatever you think you need, take away half of it. You will still probably have more than you need.

Pack darker colored clothing. In the event of a spill or stain, it can be hidden much easier than it can if you are wearing … READ MORE

Travel Tips: Five Airport Amenities to Perk Up your Travel Experience

Getting stuck in an airport for a delayed flight or long layover can really be annoying and inconvenient. Luckily many airports are coming up with new ways to keep you entertained, relaxed and comfortable during these times. Here are just a few of those extra amenities.

1. Yoga rooms
Many airports … READ MORE