The Real Meaning of Hotel Star Ratings

These days everyone looks at reviews for everything. Trip Advisor, Yelp and plenty of others will tell you what you want to know about your travel destination, hotel, or whatever else you need to know. We all rely on how many stars they have to decide on our choice. But … READ MORE

The Most Inviting Hotel Fireplaces Around the Country

You arrive at your hotel on a chilly fall day and see a beautiful stone fireplace with a roaring, crackling fire inside. Your first thought is to cuddle up next to it with a hot chocolate and a good book, or perhaps a snifter of brandy and your iPad. Here … READ MORE

Halloween At Work…Make It FUN, Not Embarrassing

Halloween is a spooky time of year…either you are into the whole thing or you are not. For those who are, and want to bring the atmosphere into the workplace, go for it! As long as you aren’t breaking any office rules or going against any guidelines, make the most … READ MORE

O’Hare International Airport, Chicago

Chicago’s O’Hare is a bustling hub and the second busiest airport in the US. Filled mostly with United and American Airlines, O’Hare guides over 17 million passengers through its doors every year.

On-time stats for O’Hare have been around 80%, which isn’t all bad, if you consider the extra time you … READ MORE

Make Your Next Business Flight More Productive

Everyone knows flying is faster than driving. But what about all the time spent in between point A and point B? Getting to and from the airport, long security lines, and of course the never ending bag carousel can take up a big portion of your travel time.

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Flying in Style

Flying commercial can be a hassle, especially with the extra security checks that are now pretty much standard practice. If you often fly for business or pleasure and despise waiting in long lines at the terminal, searching for your bags, and having to deal with delays, why not charter your … READ MORE