The Best Business Hotels in the World

Everyone likes to get a good deal or find a bargain. But sometimes you just want to be pampered with the best of the best. Here are some of the best hotels worldwide for just that, according to a recent survey.


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O’Hare International Airport, Chicago

Chicago’s O’Hare is a bustling hub and the second busiest airport in the US. Filled mostly with United and American Airlines, O’Hare guides over 17 million passengers through its doors every year.

On-time stats for O’Hare have been around 80%, which isn’t all bad, if you consider the extra time you … READ MORE

Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport is located in between New York and Washington DC. Seeing how both of those cities have three major airports, you would think that PHL would not be very busy.  But on the contrary, about 31 million passengers a year make their way through the airport.

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Points of Interest: Why is “Lindbergh Field” bestowed Upon San Diego’s International Airport

Charles A. Lindbergh came to San Diego in 1927 and commissioned Ryan Airlines to create an aircraft that could achieve the first nonstop flight from New York to Paris.

The professional builders at Ryan Airlines, headed by Frank Mahoney, jumped at the chance to be a part of this endeavor. They … READ MORE

Points of Interest: San Diego Convention Center

Located in the Marina district of downtown San Diego you will find the beautiful convention center. The original building was completed in 1989, with expansions in 2001 and 2008 which doubled the size of the center.

The center provides 72 meeting/banquet rooms, two ballrooms, and massive exhibit space throughout the building. … READ MORE