The History of Thanksgiving

In the past, the east coast of the United States was inhabited by Native Americans. What is now Massachusetts and Rhode Island was the home to the Wampanoag people and their tribes for over 12,000 years. Many European settlers visited this area way before the Mayflower arrived. The natives thrived … READ MORE

How the Apple Watch can help your Travel

If you haven’t heard of the Apple Watch, you might want to check it out. Yes, it will run you about $350 or more, depending where you purchase it, but in the long run it can help you out tremendously if you travel frequently.

For starters, it has an auto time … READ MORE

Ten Best Ways to get that Upgrade to First Class

Face it…everyone would rather fly first class. Paying for the first class ticket? That’s another thing. The price can be astronomical compared to a coach ticket, and for the average business traveler, that’s an expense that just doesn’t fit into the budget.


If you need luxury car service to … READ MORE

E-Cigarettes Banned from Luggage

The DOT has bad news for all you smokers out there. Well at least the smokers who use e-cigarettes and other similar devices. On October 26, 2015 the Department of Transportation announced that airline passenger and members of the crew can no longer bring their battery powered portable electronic cigarettes … READ MORE

Is Ride-Hailing taking over the Taxi business?

Ride-hailing has become the new form of transportation for many individuals. Business travelers have started using this mode of travel more than others. So what is ride-hailing anyway?


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Fantastic Places to Travel this Fall

Autumn, or Fall, is to many the best time of the year. Temperatures get cooler. Cozy sweaters and blankets become necessary. And if you are in the right part of the world leaves turn breathtaking colors and slowly drift down from the trees. Some like to watch from indoors snuggled … READ MORE

Making Business Travel into a Mini-Vacation

Traveling on a super long flight from the US to say Italy, giving a speech, and returning to the US that evening can wear one out significantly. Many business travelers have decided this is just too much wear and tear on the body, not to mention the mind.

This is where … READ MORE

Saving Money While Traveling for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is gearing up for that visit to friends and family and spending time together for the holidays. We all look forward to it. What we don’t look forward to is all the extra money we will end up spending on gifts, travel expenses … READ MORE