Business Travel can lead to Depression

Traveling for your job is required for many employees, and absolutely mandatory for others. This can include a quick trip to the corporate office once a year or many monthly trips around the world to different areas. To the leisure traveler, this can seem like the best job ever. I … READ MORE

Christmas in San Diego

Whether you live in San Diego or are just passing through for the holidays, here is a list of some awesome activities and events to check out that won’t cost you a penny.


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Fantastic Places to Travel this Fall

Autumn, or Fall, is to many the best time of the year. Temperatures get cooler. Cozy sweaters and blankets become necessary. And if you are in the right part of the world leaves turn breathtaking colors and slowly drift down from the trees. Some like to watch from indoors snuggled … READ MORE

Making Business Travel into a Mini-Vacation

Traveling on a super long flight from the US to say Italy, giving a speech, and returning to the US that evening can wear one out significantly. Many business travelers have decided this is just too much wear and tear on the body, not to mention the mind.

This is where … READ MORE

Saving Money While Traveling for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is gearing up for that visit to friends and family and spending time together for the holidays. We all look forward to it. What we don’t look forward to is all the extra money we will end up spending on gifts, travel expenses … READ MORE

Flying in Style

Flying commercial can be a hassle, especially with the extra security checks that are now pretty much standard practice. If you often fly for business or pleasure and despise waiting in long lines at the terminal, searching for your bags, and having to deal with delays, why not charter your … READ MORE

How to be Secure Online When Traveling

Businessmen and women of today find themselves traveling more and more every day. The days of just sitting in the office and taking care of things are behind us. Even though there is much more technology, and more business can be done by just getting online, traveling has become an … READ MORE

Exploring San Diego…Which Mode of Transportation is the Best?

San Diego has so much to offer whether you are a one-time visitor, frequent vacationer, business traveler or full time resident. But what is the most convenient way to travel to different areas? Here are a few suggestions that may help you decide.

Driving your own vehicle around is probably the … READ MORE

Traveling: Awesome Airport Amenities around the World

The days of waiting for hours in an uncomfortable airport chair are in the past. Whether you are stuck for a long layover, have a flight delay or cancellation, or just like to arrive super early for your flight, here are some excellent perks that will make your wait time … READ MORE

Traveling: Keeping your Business Running Smoothly While Traveling

Business travelers are not always employees, but many times the people at the top. The big boss. The CEO. The man (or woman) in charge. Running the business can be stressful enough, but when you have to keep doing it while you travel, it can sometimes become too much to … READ MORE