San Diego Living

San Diego is the perfect place to live for many reasons. Not only do you have the Pacific coast, but the beautiful climate and awesome temperatures as well. There are plenty of beaches, and the weather is sunny almost every day. Enough, at least, to earn it the title of … READ MORE

Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport is located in between New York and Washington DC. Seeing how both of those cities have three major airports, you would think that PHL would not be very busy.  But on the contrary, about 31 million passengers a year make their way through the airport.

Philly’s Airport is … READ MORE

How to be Secure Online When Traveling

Businessmen and women of today find themselves traveling more and more every day. The days of just sitting in the office and taking care of things are behind us. Even though there is much more technology, and more business can be done by just getting online, traveling has become an … READ MORE

Exploring San Diego…Which Mode of Transportation is the Best?

San Diego has so much to offer whether you are a one-time visitor, frequent vacationer, business traveler or full time resident. But what is the most convenient way to travel to different areas? Here are a few suggestions that may help you decide.

Driving your own vehicle around is probably the … READ MORE

Travel Tips: Top Accommodations in San Diego

If you enjoy the perks and pampering of a 4 or 5-star hotel, here are some of your best bets when visiting the San Diego area.

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar is a 5-star resort with 249 rooms spread over 3 floors. The beautiful marble lobby welcomes you, and the service … READ MORE

Traveling: Awesome Airport Amenities around the World

The days of waiting for hours in an uncomfortable airport chair are in the past. Whether you are stuck for a long layover, have a flight delay or cancellation, or just like to arrive super early for your flight, here are some excellent perks that will make your wait time … READ MORE